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Canada's most consistently successful stock market advisory.

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The key source of investment knowledge for individual investors in Canada.

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Specific advice and recommendations from a high-powered team of investment professionals.

Canadian Mutual Fund Adviser
Canada's foremost independent advisory devoted exclusively to mutual funds

Blue Book of Stock Reports
Detailed reports including specific buy-sell advice on over 240 Canadian blue chip companies

The Money Reporter
The insider's newsletter for people who are interested in earning more interest.

The TaxLetter
Learn how to increase after-tax returns by using government regulations to maximum effect

Explained:How a little Canadian advisory outperformed every Canadian equity mutual fund over the past 15 years!

      The results are in and they couldn’t be clearer. Over the past 20 years, the modestly-priced Investment Reporter has outperformed every Canadian equity mutual fund.

      Here are the facts, as reported by the leading independent investment rating service:

FACT: Over a period of 20 years, from 1984 to 2005, The Investment Reporter's stock recommendations enjoyed a compound annualized return of 13.4 per cent. That’s a fact!
Compare that with the 20-year compound annualized return for all Canadian equity mutual funds: a lowly 8.7 per cent. The Investment Reporter's very profitable, very specific advice was the clear winner!

FACT: The Investment Reporter's returns were significantly better than even the best equity mutual fund in Canada.
There's no doubt. The most successful equity fund in the country had a 20-year compound annualized return of 11.5 per cent: that's almost 2 per cent less than The Investment Reporter's 13.4 per cent. Those two percentage points represent a big difference in returns over 20 years!

FACT: The 13.4 per cent rung up by The Investment Reporter over 20 years topped the Toronto Stock Exchange.
 It wasn’t even close. The Toronto Stock Exchange’s 20-year compound annualized return was 9.3 per cent

      Those are the facts. And those facts point to stunning performance year in and year out.

Revealing Forecasts for the Coming 180 Critical Days

Issued by the Investment Planning Committee, this surprising forecast reveals just what Canadian investors can expect in the all-important three months to come. Specific recommendations detail which stocks are "buys" — and which to "sell" or avoid. This inside report is yours FREE to thank you for taking a look at The Investment Reporter.

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Or call toll free 1-800-430-1897.

      What does this mean to you in dollars and cents? Simply this: if you had invested $10,000 in the average Canadian equity fund in 1985 you would now have about $53,038. On the other hand, if you had put the same $10,000 into The Investment Reporter’s recommendations, your return would have been $123,669, — a difference of $70,631 or 133.2 per cent higher!

      This amazing performance may be news to some, but it's a familiar story to the world's leading investment advisory ratings service, the Hulbert Financial Digest of Alexandria, Virgina. Hulbert has ranked The Investment Reporter among the top advisories in the world in its annual ratings year after year for almost two decades.

       The Hulbert rankings are no beauty contest. They are based on cold, hard figures. Those figures add up to long-term success. Like the proverbial broken clock that tells the correct time twice a day, some mutual funds will top The Investment Reporter’s over a year or even two. But look down the road and the numbers clearly show that a subscription to the modestly-priced Investment Reporter is the investor’s best friend.

A very special offer

     Now you can join this satisfied group of investors who profit regularly from The Investment Reporter's "Key Stock" recommendations.

Try The Investment Reporter on a no-risk trial basis at the low rate of only $97 for one full year. The regular rate is $337.00. You save $240.00. PLUS you get our exclusive new report “Revealing Forecasts for the Coming 180 Critical Days” — ABSOLUTELY FREE!

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Money-Back Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with The Investment Reporter we will refund 100% of your money on unserved issues whenever you ask — and the FREE report is yours to keep! There's nothing you need return. You have absolutely no risk.

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Or call toll free 1-800-430-1897.

The only system that really works

     The Investment Reporter's remarkable record of being right is no accident. It began back in 1941, when financial adviser George Armstrong decided to get advice out to the average Canadian investor, the so-called "little guy".

     He offered detailed information previously available only to insiders, and began to develop what has been called "the only system of investing that really works".

     That system? Judging a company on its merits. Buying undervalued stocks and holding them. Building a portfolio for long-term gains.

     To ensure that his advisory service would survive him, Mr. Armstrong founded the Investment Planning Committee. Faces change over the years, but the Committee continues to meet regularly. The results of their deliberations appear every week in The Investment Reporter. The success of their picks is a matter of record.

Maximum returns with maximum safety

     Now, here's a small taste of what you get when you take an introductory trial to The Investment Reporter:

You get "buy", "sell", "hold" advice that is very specific and very, very clear.

PLUS...you get recommendations that are backed by current information and analysis. You always stay informed. You always know what your options are.

PLUS as well the advice you receive is independent and unbiased, with no ties to any brokerage firms or banks.

PLUS THERE'S EVEN MORE. You benefit from our exclusive quality ratings. Our five-category stock rating system — Very Conservative to Speculative — helps you remove much of the risk.


Canadian investors have been profiting from the advice of the Investment Planning Committee for over 60 years. Newspapers such as the Wall Street Journal, The National Post, Toronto Star and The Globe and Mail have extolled the stock-picking performance and perceptive advice of these advisers. You get their exclusive reports and specific advice every week in The Investment Reporter.

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Or call toll free 1-800-430-1897.

PLUS...you also benefit from two exclusive indexes — the Marpep Risk Index and Marpep Growth Index help you develop profitable strategies with maximum safety.

AND PLUS...you virtually get two advisories for the price of one. Every month you receive the invaluable Investment Planning Guide. You get "Best Buys of the Month" — four stocks for income and four stocks for growth.

PLUS AS WELL...you benefit from our "Key Stocks". This carefully compiled list of over 100 well-managed, high-quality, low-risk stocks is regularly monitored and published every month in the Investment Planning Guide.

PLUS THERE'S MORE...with the Investment Planning Guide you get model portfolios you can follow for all types of investment situations — "Income" for investors over 60, "Balanced" between 40-60 and "Growth" for those under 40.

PLUS all this is delivered to you in an easy-to-read format. You get The Investment Reporter delivered to your door every week. And it's all indexed.

Don't miss this special opportunity

      Now we extend you a very special invitation to join the Canadian investors who profit from the timely, specific and independent advice of the The Investment Reporter.

      The market-beating advice and information in The Investment Reporter can be yours at a very low, introductory rate. Try the weekly Investment Reporter on a no-risk trial basis for only $97 for one full year. The regular rate is $337.00. You save $240.00. PLUS you get the Investment Planning Committee's vital report “Revealing Forecasts for the Coming 180 Critical Days” — ABSOLUTELY FREE!

      BEST OF ALL...when you accept this generous offer of a low-priced introductory trial to The Investment Reporter, you also get our "Good-As-Gold" Money-Back Guarantee. You may cancel the The Investment Reporter anytime for any reason — and receive a complete refund on all unserved issues. Everything that you’ve received is yours to keep. You’ve absolutely no risk!

CLICK HERE to sign up for a special introductory trial right now. You may also phone toll-free at 1-800-430-1897.

      Discover for yourself how this little Canadian advisory has served so many Canadian investors so well. Order today!

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