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The Canadian Mutual Fund Adviser is Canada’s foremost independent advisory devoted exclusively to mutual funds. Published twice monthly, it provides complete coverage of the ever-growing number of Canadian mutual funds and makes specific buy-sell recommendations that fund investors can act on. New funds are spotlighted and existing funds are constantly monitored and reviewed.

In its Monthly Planning Guide, the Canadian Mutual Fund Adviser outlines the “Top 40: Canada’s Best Mutual Funds”; those recommended as the best choices for long-term investment and rated according to risk. Plus, the Canadian Mutual Fund Adviser helps subscribers build profits safely, pointing out the pitfalls and advising them where to put new money now.

The Canadian Mutual Fund Adviser has merged with the Money Reporter as of July 2015. To purchase back issues of the Canadian Mutual Fund Adviser, please call our Customer Service at 1-800-430-1897.

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