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‘Best Buys’ from leading analysts

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Market suffered an inexplicable foul mood

The stock market survived Black Monday in 1987 because the underlying economy was strong. Odlum Brown vice-president and research director Murray Leith recently told subscribers to Investor’s Digest of Canada   Read More

2 top restaurant stocks to buy

Recent federal tax reforms in the US will have a positive effect on restaurateurs’ tax bills, says Jason West, lead Credit Suisse analyst for the US restaurant sector. He predicts   Read More

Base metals stocks are ‘best buys’ now

Domestic and international demand have aligned with the historic seasonal trends for base metals. Seasonal analyst Don Vialoux recently told Investor’s Digest readers which two exchange-traded funds to buy as   Read More

Top 3 Canadian tech stocks to buy now

You are better off picking individual stocks rather than buying an ETF for Canadian tech stocks. That’s because 70 per cent of the iShares Canadian technology ETF is weighted in   Read More

5 growth stocks to buy for 2018

Investor’s Digest recently reported on Calgary-based Acumen Capital analysts Brian Pow, Nick Corcoran and Ted Bobier’s five favourite growth stock candidates for 2018.
Early trading in 2018 showed strong market   Read More

A junior gold mining stock

While most market analysts tend to focus on the energy or technology sectors, the mining sector has experienced a bit of a revival that hasn’t gone unnoticed. Columnist Mike Kachanovsky   Read More

Do we dare burst your crypto-bubble?

The recent cryptocurrency frenzy inevitably calls excesses of the late 1990s dot-com bubble to mind. New Investor’s Digest columnist Jordan Lazaruk questions whether or not the cryptocurrency phase is history   Read More

TransAlta offers both carbon and clean power

Analyst Jeremy Rosenfield of Industrial Alliance Securities shares his views on TransAlta Corp. and its sister company, TransAlta Renewables Inc. The former is a fossil fuel power-generation and transmission company,   Read More

Top 10 ways wealthy Canadians use insurance

Columnist Mark Halpern shares his insight and analysis on using a Canadian insurance policy to protect your assets from the tax man. It’s a tax-smart investing strategy that honest, hard-working   Read More

Junior gold mining stock is a bargain

Columnist Mike Kachanovsky shares his insight and analysis on one of his current favourite junior gold stocks. It does not pay a dividend but it’s a junior mining stock that   Read More

What is a Bitcoin? What is a blockchain?

The talk of Wall Street has been the big capital gains of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Bitcoin passed the US$10,000 mark in November—a 900 per cent return for 2017. Still, many   Read More

2 global stocks to benefit from US tax reform

After the biggest tax-reform since the Reagan administration, it is useful to have tax-smart investing strategies for today’s world. Both the US and international markets are expected to rise. With   Read More