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A preferred “best buy”

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In picking stocks, David Cockfield tries to avoid a flash in the pan. “Typically, you might be   Read More

Fiscal deal good for stocks

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  – Edited from an article by Keith Richards By this time, you already know America isn’t going to   Read More

Use ETFs to ride out market volatility

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In the months leading up to the October ’87   Read More

Traditional bullish period now looms

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Investors who follow seasonal trends know that the best-six- month strategy begins in late October or early   Read More

Balfour Beatty plc toughing it out

While acknowledging that markets remained “tough” for the first half of 2013 (ended June 28), international infrastructure firm Balfour Beatty plc (BBY-LON, 282.90p) confirmed that trading conditions “weren’t getting any   Read More

How much to diversify

Most financial advisors will recommend that investors diversify for their own protection. What they neglect to mention, however, is that this advice is also for the protection of the advisor   Read More

The Midas touch

Editor John Kaiser ranks Midas Gold Corp. (MAX-TSX, $0.95) “among the top advanced gold juniors in the current environment.” That environment, by the way, is one in which no one   Read More

Some popular investor questions answered

Editor Peter Hodson and his research team have answered more than a few investor questions over time. Not too surprisingly, many of those questions tend to run along the same   Read More

Forward-thinking wins

Not that he wants to, ahem, rub it in or anything, but editor Patrick Cox feels obliged to remind all the “panicked merchants of Peak Oil” about how wrong they   Read More

Buy AltaGas

Calling it a “wonderful illustration of an invest-to-grow story in process,” chief investment strategist David Dittman is more than a little pleased with second quarter numbers from AltaGas Ltd. (ALA-TSX,   Read More

U.S. energy renaissance?

Are we in the middle of a “veritable U.S. energy renaissance?” Editor Richard Stavros seems to think so. He cites all the cheap natural gas from the bountiful shale plays   Read More

2 good consumer stocks for your income portfolio

With domestically-focused industries outperforming the overall market, portfolio editor Genia Turanova thinks U.S. consumers are starting to relax. Not only that, but they’re growing increasingly willing to open their wallets   Read More

Cashless adoption: a rapid emerging market

For every industry, there’s a leader – even if that industry is the “unattended point of sales sector. Out in front of this particular market (think vending machines, service kiosks   Read More

Time to gather rosebuds

Ask editor Stephen Leeb for a nearer-term market portrait. He’ll paint you a mostly sunny picture in which the landscape is dominated by “relatively” low resource prices – especially for   Read More

Helping businesses to operate more efficiently

This advisory has an appropriately succinct overview of a company that specializes in simplifying complex manual business processes. Direct Insite Corp. (DIRI-OTCBB, $1.65), it informs us, “helps businesses to operate   Read More

When quantitative easing stops

At some point – it could be sooner, it could be later – the U.S. Federal Reserve will “pull the plug”
on its “economic-stimulus/quantitative-easing/bond-buyback” program. And when it does, “it
will be   Read More

Change in how we treat Cancer

“We are now,” says editor Ray Blanco, “in the early stages of a huge change in how we treat cancer.” He believes that “serious progress” is being made in the   Read More

178 per cent in six months

“Stocks that soar 178 per cent in six months don’t come along every day,” notes editor Chloe Lutts Jensen. But soar Invivo Therapeutics Holdings Corp. (NVIV-OTCBB, $4.22) did, with a   Read More