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3 REITs to buy for growth and income

Here are three real estate investment trusts that, collectively, offer a potpourri of real estate—office, retail, industrial, residential—to buy for capital gains and income.

■ Brookfield Property Partners (TSX—BPY.UN) declared a   Read More

How to assess a fund’s performance

Regardless of the investment philosophy or style of a fund’s portfolio manager, the only solid information we have about a fund is its portfolio and its past performance.

When you look   Read More

More than the price is right at Loblaw

The COVID-19 pandemic has increased demand for groceries and other essentials. Loblaw same-store sales are expected to benefit from this demand.

Grocery companies have offered investors shelter in turbulent markets. A   Read More

2 buys and 1 ‘wait-and-see’

Here are two high-yielding western Canadian oil and gas stocks with sustainable dividends and a royalty trust we’ve become cautious on.
Keyera Corp. (TSX—KEY)  

Among Canadian infrastructure stocks, pipeline and midstream issues   Read More

3 trusts to buy for growth and income

Here are three power generation trusts—Algonquin, Boralex and Northland—that are buys for growth and income.

Algonquin Power (TSX—AQN)
Algonquin had a busy year in 2019. The company added nearly 30,000 new customers   Read More

Double or nothing—for both sides

How do split shares work? It’s not exactly like having your cake and eating it too. You do give up something to double your dividends or double your capital gain.
Split   Read More

Do balanced funds make sense right now?

When stock markets turn volatile like they did this year, many investors start looking for refuge—a place to put their money simply to preserve it and maybe get a modest   Read More

Bank stocks remain attractive buys

In its regular feature ‘What to do this month’, the Money Reporter recently took a look at common stocks and mutual funds.
What to do about common stocks

The outlook for the   Read More

Get this preferred security while it lasts

A preferred security is a great addition to your RRSP, but we know of only one Canadian issue.
We include one preferred security selection in our Recommended Preferred Shares list. It   Read More

What stocks, funds to buy this month

In its regular feature ‘What to do this month’, the Money Reporter recently took a look at common stocks and mutual funds.
What to do about common stocks

The outlook for the   Read More

Dance with the one that brung ya

Or, as a college friend of ours so memorably proposed marriage to his sweetheart: “Stick with me babe, and you’ll be farting through silk.” Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!
Stay with stocks—it   Read More

Buy this ETF for growth and income

Here’s an ETF that invests in companies that not only pay dividends, but raise them year after year. This gives you capital appreciation and a growing stream of income.

iShares S&P/TSX   Read More

For mutual funds, MER coverage is key

Mutual funds should be looked at as long-term investments, and so consistently high MER coverage over three, five and ten years is best.
With all our other investment choices, be it   Read More

Buy BPY for growth and income

BPY units trade at a substantial discount to their asset value. Consequently, the company continues to buy back its units, believing they’re an attractive investment.

Brookfield Property Partners (TSX—BPY.UN), one of   Read More

A fund for long-term growth with medium risk

We’ve added Mackenzie Canadian Growth Fund to our Recommended Mutual Funds list.
Mackenzie Canadian Growth Fund (Fund codes: MFC650(FE), MFC640(BE), MFC7028(LL)) invests mainly in Canadian stocks to achieve long-term capital growth   Read More