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Here’s a mutual fund for income and growth

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What to do about bonds and preferred shares now

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3 index ETFs to buy for growth and income

In spite of a large body of evidence that investing in equities produces superior long-term results than does investing in any other class of assets such as bond, money-market securities   Read More

2 corporate bonds for a laddered portfolio

In its monthly review of bonds and preferred shares, the Money Reporter recommends two corporate bonds that would fit well in a five-year laddered GIC portfolio.
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Harnessing the power of dividends

So a stock pays you less than a dollar a share. Are those pennies really all that important? Maybe more than you think. Long-time strategic investors look particularly for stocks   Read More

Best mutual funds for new money now

Recent weakness in the Canadian market leads us to recommend Canadian equity funds now. Higher stock valuations in the US have made international equity funds the more attractive choice globally.
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Interest-sensitive securities still hold appeal

Despite rising interest rates, income securities still have a place in conservative stock portfolios. Yielding 4.1 per cent, Canadian Real Estate Investment Trust is a buy for growth and income.
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What to do about mutual funds now

Mining stocks and oil and gas stocks have compelling valuations right now which makes a specialty fund such as RBC Global Resources attractive. If you’d rather track a broad index,   Read More

BoC rate hike drives bond prices lower

The Bank of Canada targeted overnight rate was recently raised to 0.75 per cent. Bond prices fell, of course, so that yields would rise and keep pace with the higher   Read More

Floating-rate preferreds rise with prime rate

Floating-rate preferred shares have advantages and disadvantages. You earn higher income, along with the potential for capital gains, when interest rates rise. But the opposite can occur when rates fall.

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Cyclical investing—where are we now?

Cyclical investing works if the timing is right. The key question is: “Is this the right time?” Our current expansion (begun in 2009) is getting long in the tooth. Sectors   Read More