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Bank stocks remain attractive buys

In its regular feature ‘What to do this month’, the Money Reporter recently took a look at common stocks and mutual funds.
What to do about common stocks

The outlook for the   Read More

Get this preferred security while it lasts

A preferred security is a great addition to your RRSP, but we know of only one Canadian issue.
We include one preferred security selection in our Recommended Preferred Shares list. It   Read More

What stocks, funds to buy this month

In its regular feature ‘What to do this month’, the Money Reporter recently took a look at common stocks and mutual funds.
What to do about common stocks

The outlook for the   Read More

Dance with the one that brung ya

Or, as a college friend of ours so memorably proposed marriage to his sweetheart: “Stick with me babe, and you’ll be farting through silk.” Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!
Stay with stocks—it   Read More

Buy this ETF for growth and income

Here’s an ETF that invests in companies that not only pay dividends, but raise them year after year. This gives you capital appreciation and a growing stream of income.

iShares S&P/TSX   Read More

For mutual funds, MER coverage is key

Mutual funds should be looked at as long-term investments, and so consistently high MER coverage over three, five and ten years is best.
With all our other investment choices, be it   Read More

Buy BPY for growth and income

BPY units trade at a substantial discount to their asset value. Consequently, the company continues to buy back its units, believing they’re an attractive investment.

Brookfield Property Partners (TSX—BPY.UN), one of   Read More

A fund for long-term growth with medium risk

We’ve added Mackenzie Canadian Growth Fund to our Recommended Mutual Funds list.
Mackenzie Canadian Growth Fund (Fund codes: MFC650(FE), MFC640(BE), MFC7028(LL)) invests mainly in Canadian stocks to achieve long-term capital growth   Read More

How many funds do you need?

Diversifying your mutual-fund portfolio cuts the risk of giving all your money to one manager who has one way of seeing the market. But how many funds do you need?
If   Read More

Buy bonds or GICs, not bond funds

Bonds and fixed-income securities have historically returned less than equities. But, in return, they guarantee to provide cash flow in a timely fashion if you hold them directly.
Bonds make an   Read More

Buy Canadian Tire as it buys Party City

Canadian Tire hopes Party City will add high lifetime value millennials and Canadian families to its customer base and fuel growth of its Triangle Rewards program.

Canadian Tire has acquired Party   Read More

Invest in US growth stocks with this fund

Given that we consider the Canadian dollar to be undervalued in relation to the US dollar, we generally recommend you hedge your currency risk when investing south of the border.

Despite   Read More

It’s time to review your asset allocation

If your investment time horizon is shortening, or you don’t like volatility, you might want to consider a change in your asset allocation to reflect the riskier outlook for equities.

With   Read More

Telus to acquire Canadian ADT

This acquisition furthers communications stock Telus’ plan to bring state-of-the-art convenience, control and safety into the lives, homes and businesses of more Canadians.
Telus has agreed to acquire ADT Security Services   Read More

Northland buys a Colombian utility

The acquisition strengthens the utilities stock’s growing presence in Latin America.
Utilities stock Northland Power Inc. (TSX—NPI) has announced the acquisition of a Colombian regulated utility business for $1.1 billion. The   Read More

Fund seeks income, growth and safety

This diversified mutual fund offers an attractive level of income from a portfolio of income-generating securities including dividend-paying equities and investment-grade bonds.
Dynamic Equity Income Fund (Fund codes: DYN206(FE), DYN216(LL), DYN7011(LL2),   Read More