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DRIPs help you build your wealth

DRIPs (Dividend Re-Investment Plans) and cash option plans help you build wealth. That’s thanks to the dozen advantages that we outline here.

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Few manage to beat the stock market

The Beardstown Ladies were an investment club who purported to beat the best on Wall Street. Alas, it was all a mistake.

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Investing has a human side

There’s a human side to investing, and understanding it can make a big improvement in your returns, while lessening risk.
We all like to think of ourselves as rational, discerning, and   Read More

2 agricultural chemicals stocks to buy

Some chemical stocks trade at high P/E ratios based on their 2020 earnings. But they look reasonably-priced based on their expected 2021 earnings.

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Couche-Tard’s next stop: Asia

Executive chairman Alain Bouchard wants consumer stock Couche-Tard “to become the world’s preferred destination for convenience and fuel.”

Montreal-based consumer goods stock Alimentation Couche-Tard Inc. (TSX—ATD.B) operates nearly 14,350 stores worldwide.   Read More

Gold has done poorly for 200 years

We labour mightily to haul gold out of dark mines only to hide it again in dark bank vaults. And to what end?

Some investors use gold to protect against potential   Read More

When is it best to use a margin loan?

You may find margin useful when you want a short-term bridging loan. Other than that, however, we advise against using margin to prevent the problems that margin brings.

As you know,   Read More

Investing has a human side

There’s a human side to investing, and understanding it can make a big improvement in your returns, while lessening risk.
We all like to think of ourselves as rational, discerning, and   Read More

Keep attribution rules in perspective

Gift-giving season is nigh. But the tax department’s attribution rules complicate the matter of giving securities to your children and grandchildren.

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COVID-19 has mixed effects on Loblaw

COVID-19 has driven strong sales growth at Loblaw. Problem is, the costs associated with the pandemic offset the sales benefit to the company in the second quarter.

Consumer goods stock Loblaw’s   Read More

CCL positioned for long-term growth

CCL’s Q2 was not as bad as originally expected. But whatever course COVID-19 takes, we think the packaging and container manufacturer is well positioned for long-term growth.

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How to reach for yield with limited risk

If you’re going to over-indulge in any single type of investment or economic sector, high-quality utility stocks are your best choice for doing so.

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How to vote at an Annual General Meeting

Forget Garth Brooks and his friends in low places. At AGM time, you need powerful friends like big institutional investors who demand more of corporate management.

Each year, the companies that   Read More

Power Corp. is an undervalued buy

Power Corp. trades for less than it’s worth. Even better, its dividends yield nearly 6.8 per cent and they look sustainable. It remains an undervalued buy.

We hold a high opinion   Read More

Simplicity: an overlooked portfolio virtue

While portfolio balance and diversification are vital investment goals, you shouldn’t forget that simplicity is too.

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Housing starts are up but face risks

Housing starts are at their highest level since 2007 and share prices of building stocks have jumped much more than the market. But there are risks to keep in mind.

Canadian   Read More

What volatility means to your portfolio

In chemistry, ‘volatility’ refers to the ability of a substance to evaporate quickly—or, under the right conditions, to explode. In investments, it means much the same thing.

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A big cheese in the dairy world

The COVID-19 pandemic has restrained the recent financial results of Saputo Inc. At the same time, Saputo plans to grow through acquisitions and organically.
Montreal-based Saputo Inc. earned a little more   Read More