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Build your own bond ladder

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Higher dividends lead to higher returns

A friend joked that we’re overly-fixated on dividends. The thing is, many studies show that dividends can add significantly to an investor’s returns.
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Where to stash your cash

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What are the best long term investments?

Willie Sutton robbed banks “because that’s where the money is”. A rewarding short-term financial plan, but for the long term all it got Willie was a new address. Assuming that   Read More

Rebalancing your portfolio can be costly

Rebalancing your portfolio leads to trading costs. These include brokerage fees when you sell one investment and reinvest in another, bid-ask spreads and taxes on realized capital gains.
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Keep on building your wealth with DRIPs

DRIPs (Dividend Re-Investment Plans) and cash option plans let individual investors build their wealth. That’s thanks to the dozen advantages that we outline here.
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Politics and the economy are intertwinedled

The United States and China are embroiled in a trade war. Britain must soon leave the European Union. Italy’s populist government wants to go on a spending spree. Political uncertainty   Read More

When to hedge the loonie, when not to

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14 investment mistakes to avoid

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Food stocks have positive attributes

Four Key food stocks that we regularly review include High Liner Foods, Loblaw Companies, Metro Inc. and Saputo Inc. The stocks are generally defensive in nature. That’s thanks to six   Read More

Aim to maximize your RRSP and TFSA

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The big five banks keep getting bigger

The big five Canadian banks are expected to earn more this year and next. They remain dividend aristocrats as they continue to raise their generous dividends. Despite getting better, the   Read More

A blue-chip, multi-sector stock to buy

Open Text has improved the quality of its revenues by increasing the amount of recurring revenues it earns. Higher-quality revenues should help it to continue to deliver the cash flows   Read More