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Healthcare stock downgraded to ‘hold’

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Canadian stocks on sale! Buy now!

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Use our ‘system’ to profit in stocks

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6 technology stocks to buy; 4 to hold

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2 attractive US small-cap stocks to buy

We’re always on the lookout for small companies that, over time, may grow into solid, mature entities. Two US companies—The Gorman-Rupp Company and PC Connection, Inc.—have that potential.
In the course   Read More

Buy Ag Growth for growth and income

Our Investment Planning Committee has added growing agricultural products manufacturing stock Ag Growth International to our list of Key stocks. The stock is a buy for further long-term share price   Read More

7 top conglomerate stocks to buy

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6 bad investing habits and how to avoid them

We’ve always thought that discipline may help you choose the best investments and increase your returns. Here are six things to remember when you buy stocks.
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Where to park your short term cash now

A sound investment strategy involves keeping some of your portfolio in cash. But where should you put it? Below we look at some of the options available to you for   Read More

Here’s how to rebalance your portfolio

When you buy stocks in sectors and sub-sectors of the market, keep your goals in mind. If you’re a conservative, income-seeking investor, focus on utilities, financial stocks and consumer stocks.   Read More

Aggressive investing takes extra care

Aggressive investing may pay off, or backfire horrendously. It all depends on the market environment, and on your willingness to give your aggressive investments the extra care they require.
If you   Read More