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You need a ‘true’ pension

Consider using part of your wealth to buy a life annuity from an insurer. It will provide you with monthly payments for the rest of your life—just like a defined   Read More

Our 180-day forecast

Here’s what we expect the stock market and the economy to do over the next 180 days. The key issue these days is runaway inflation and high and rising interest   Read More

Descartes makes another acquisition

We regularly review Waterloo, Ontario-based non-Key stock Descartes Systems Group on The Back Page. Non-Key stock Descartes Systems Group is expected to continue to achieve higher earnings per share this   Read More

A Canadian classic back on our radar

We’ve replaced non-Key stock Lowe’s Companies with non-Key stock Roots Corp. on The Investment Reporter Back Page. Roots is well priced. It’s a buy for potential long-term share price gains.   Read More

Build safety in your portfolio

Emphasizing safety in your portfolio goes beyond trying merely to preserve your capital. You should also try to preserve your purchasing power against inflation. High inflation can steadily erode your   Read More

Add American exposure with these stocks

Our 100 American all-star stocks mostly generate growing earnings, cash flow and revenue over time. This gives most of them the means to raise the dividends they pay you. Rising   Read More

Tap into growth and income

Two of our Key stock ‘dividend aristocrats’ have raised their dividends over the latest month. Both remain buys for long-term share price gains as well as modest, but growing dividends.   Read More

Pepsi keepings popping

PepsiCo’s business momentum continued in its second quarter 2022 as it delivered 13 per cent year-over-year organic revenue growth. This compares to 12.8 per cent growth in last year’s second   Read More

The U.S. dollar is high

The U.S. dollar has risen against other major currencies. In uncertain times, many foreign investors want to hold American dollars. After all, the U.S. remains the world’s largest economy. And   Read More

Food stocks are defensive

We regularly review 10 food stocks on The Back Page section of our publication. They’re defensive companies that have held up better than the overall stock market. All 10 remain   Read More

Keep buying Canada’s big banks

Canada’s big banks have regularly earned more and paid higher dividends. There’s fear that a recession will hurt their financial results. This gives you an opportunity to buy the banks   Read More

The small shop that keeps getting bigger

Alimentation Couche Tard Inc. (TSX—ATD), a global leader in convenience and fuel retail, continues to grow through acquisitions.

In fiscal 2022 (ended April 24), the company acquired over 90 company-operated and   Read More

Achieved record growth in U.S. sales

Richelieu Hardware Ltd. (TSX—RCH), a Montreal-based specialty hardware distribution and manufacturing company, achieved a record 54.8 per cent year-over-year increase in sales in its quarter ended May 31.

Richelieu is a   Read More

Better than a safe deposit box

Years ago, investors registered shares in their names and put the certificates in a safe-deposit box. They did that because worried that if their broker went bust they could lose   Read More

Go defensive and up in quality

The probability of a recession is increasing as central banks raise interest rates quickly. You should buy more defensive stocks that can prosper despite higher interest rates. And you should   Read More

Compounding and planning — Part two

Shrewd investors use compounding to make sure all their money works for them. Combine that with a sound plan, and you’re well on the way to success. This is the   Read More

Keep buying Canada’s big banks

Canada’s big banks have regularly earned more and paid higher dividends. There’s fear that a recession will hurt their financial results. This gives you an opportunity to buy the banks   Read More

Continue to buy CN and CP

We regularly review transportation stocks. Both of these key railroad stocks are relatively costly. Still, both remain buys for long-term share price gains and growing dividends.

Canadian National Railway (TSX—CN; NYSE—CNI)   Read More