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Big-company versus small-company stocks

Historically, small stocks easily beat big stocks. But almost all of the better gains of small stocks occurred in one unusual nine-year period. Big stocks should do better in 2020.
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5 small-company stocks for 2020

Small-company stocks that we rate ‘Speculative’ and ‘Higher Risk’ can offer attractive advantages. They offer higher potential rewards to compensate for their greater risk.

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Buy Recipe Unlimited and ‘eat in’

Recipe Unlimited’s high and growing cash flow lets it reinvest and reward shareholders with rising dividends and share buybacks. Buy RECP, ‘eat in’ tonight and get paid to do it.

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And the best asset class is . . .

. . . stocks—by a mile. A dollar invested in stocks in 1802 would have soared to $704,997 in 2012. In long-term government bonds, $1,178; US T-bills, $281; and gold,   Read More

Canada’s ‘Big 5’ banks remain buys

Canadian banks face some headwinds, but the big five are expected to earn more in 2020. They pay attractive dividends and they trade at low price-to-earnings ratios.

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Dorel gets a bounce from Phase One deal

Dorel’s shares have gotten a nice bounce from the Phase One US-China trade deal. But trade is not this consumer goods and manufacturing stock’s only problem.

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Buy these 3 US stocks for 2020

We believe the US stock market has the potential to add to its gains in 2020. Low interest rates and growing dividends make stocks attractive.

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5 small-company stocks for 2020

Small-company stocks that we rate ‘Speculative’ and ‘Higher Risk’ can offer attractive advantages. They offer higher potential rewards to compensate for their greater risk.

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DRIPs are a great way to build wealth

DRIPs (Dividend Re-Investment Plans) and cash option plans let individual investors build their wealth. That’s thanks to the dozen advantages that we outline below.

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I’m gonna get it right this year

If you’ve never been burnt on an investment, or haven’t been burnt lately, you need extra skepticism to avoid the kind of investment mistakes that can result in severe losses.

It’s   Read More

2 manufacturing stocks to buy

Earnings outlooks for 2020 have set the prices of manufacturing stocks AG Growth International and Medtronic plc.
The shares of manufacturing stock AG Growth International (TSX—AFN) fell substantially in August, giving   Read More

Seven P’s for successful investing

If you’re superstitious, you’ll find it auspicious that there are seven investment P’s.

Business students who take classes in marketing learn about four P’s. They stand for product, promotion, price and   Read More

CN: short-term pain; long-term gain

Trade tensions, uncertainty and a weakening economy should weigh on this continental railroad’s cargo volumes, suggesting a weaker profit outlook.

Despite a softening economy, transportation stock Canadian National Railway Company (TSX—CNR;   Read More

’Tis the season of goodwill impairment

Goodwill—positive thoughts and acts of generosity—may be the genesis of the accounting term for paying too much. But comes year-end and the debate about ‘writing off’ goodwill.
The validity of some   Read More

Diversify and invest abroad with ADRs

American Depositary Receipts offer safe ownership in companies outside Canada and the US because the stock certificates are registered in the name of a US trust company or bank.

American Depositary   Read More

Put your investment objectives to work

To put your strategic investment objectives to work, you have to learn to distinguish between aggressive investments and defensive investments.

Investors often disagree on the key differences between an aggressive investment   Read More

How to make money with junk bonds

The key to making money with junk bonds is to diversify across industries. That’s because failing companies are often concentrated in problem industries.
Investors should diversify across many ‘asset classes’. One   Read More