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Couche-Tard should weather COVID-19

Couche-Tard’s stores have mostly remained open during the COVID-19 pandemic and its results have been mixed. But it has the financial strength to see it through.
Deemed critical businesses, Alimentation Couche-Tard’s   Read More

A tech stock for aggressive investors

Lightspeed POS is a buy for aggressive investors willing to take risks for large potential stock price gains, provided that you need no dividends.

Montreal-based technology stock Lightspeed POS Inc. (TSX—LSPD)   Read More

Control risk with a package approach

Portfolios perform best with between five and 20 stocks. Fewer than five leaves you unable to achieve portfolio balance and diversification; more than 20 and it is hard to stay   Read More

CIBC takes a conservative tack on PCLs

CIBC’s second-quarter results reflected a substantial increase in its provision for credit losses. But the higher provision reflects a conservative approach to dealing with the COVID-19 crisis.

CIBC’s provision for credit   Read More

Couche-Tard should weather COVID-19

Couche-Tard’s stores have mostly remained open during the COVID-19 pandemic and its results have been mixed. But it has the financial strength to see it through.
Deemed critical businesses, Alimentation Couche-Tard’s   Read More

Rising dividends and capital gains

And for both, you can ‘take it to the bank’—any of the Big Five banks will do just fine. Canada may have been founded by a department store but it’s   Read More

Despite COVID-19, P&G fares relatively well

COVID-19 has had a mixed impact on Procter & Gamble’s business. Despite this, the company reported higher earnings in its latest quarter and increased its dividend.

There’s an old saying: “What   Read More

Open Text proves its resilience

COVID-19 caused analysts to reduce their expectations for Open Text’s Q3 results. But this technology stock beat those expectations and the long-term outlook is positive.

Open Text (TSX—OTEX; NASDAQ—OTEX) has shown   Read More

Pipelines offer strong recovery potential

The collapse of oil prices hit pipeline and midstream stocks hard. They offer strong recovery potential when prices start to normalize. Here are four pipeline stocks we like.

Among Canadian energy   Read More

Manufacturers expose you to volatility

Manufacturing stocks can get hurt by unexpected factors such as the COVID-19 pandemic. And their dividends are less secure than those paid by utilities and financial stocks.

We often point out   Read More

Investment strategy: Dollar-cost averaging

We’ve always held a high opinion of dollar-cost averaging. That’s because we’ve often seen this investment strategy richly reward those who follow it.

To dollar-cost average, of course, you invest equal   Read More

Coronavirus makes Amazon indispensable

Social isolation has raised the demand for consumer staples, healthcare items and home entertainment. Global stock Inc. stands to profit from these trends. (NDQ—AMZN) has performed much better than   Read More

Staying the course is harder than it looks

Bull and bear markets succeed one another. But market timing just doesn’t work, so stay the course, invest gradually and rebalance your portfolio towards stocks.

The stock market’s unexpected plunge this   Read More

Portfolio planning for future profits

Three factors will affect most of your investment strategy this year: the COVID-19 pandemic, plunging oil prices and the US presidential election.

Investors should look forward to a positive performance for   Read More

COVID-19 has caused a bear market

With markets down by more than 30 per cent, we’re officially in a bear market. But a lower market lets you buy high-quality stocks that pay dividends and regularly raise   Read More

Control your fixed-income investments

Fixed-income investments like bonds have a place in most portfolios. But they yield little as central banks have cut interest rates to soften the blow of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The coronavirus   Read More

You make your profit when you buy

Rather than focusing too much on when to sell, you’ll likely improve your results if you adhere to sound portfolio-planning principles.
Knowing when to sell is perhaps the most pitfall-riddled aspect   Read More

This bud is about to blossom

With the slow rollout of cannabis stores in Ontario, pot stocks have been beaten down. But that has made some of them more attractively valued.

After initially getting upset at Aphria   Read More

David stocks vs. Goliath stocks

Historically, small stocks easily beat big stocks. But almost all of the better gains of small stocks occurred in one unusual nine-year period. Big stocks should do better in 2020.
At   Read More