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2 forest products stocks to buy

The MoneyLetter recently reviewed two CIBC Capital Markets forest products stocks research reports. A reduction in Chinese demand for feedstock in containerboard production favours Cascades Inc. And increasingly shrinking newsprint   Read More

3 stocks to buy despite uncertain market

Portfolio manager John Stephenson says that while there is plenty to keep investors up at night these days, equity markets still remain the best relative alternative in a world of   Read More

DOO—ZZZ off with these two smoothies

Only a Great White North investment letter could see the relationship between these two Canadian consumer stocks. After a smooth riding day on your Ski-Doo or Sea-Doo, you’ll look forward   Read More

Buddha as an investment strategist

Behavioural finance author Ken Norquay adopts a Buddhist prayer to offer his take on some strategic investment advice for the new year.
We’ve just been through what I call The   Read More

2 consumer retail stocks to buy

Here are two disparate consumer retail stocks to buy. One is an established blue chip stock, a 70-year-old dividend aristocrat that operates drug stores, supermarkets and other grocery stores. The   Read More

Is now the time for these weak performers?

MoneyLetter columnist Keith Richards thinks that the market is ripe for a stronger-than-normal tendency for sector and stock rotation from strong to weak performers in the coming weeks. He names   Read More

3 hardwood and hardware stocks to buy

Here are three Canadian stocks in the hardwood and hardware business that operate at various stages from manufacturing to consumer retailing. From outdoor, heavy-duty railway ties and utility poles to   Read More

Now is the time to focus on cyclical stocks

Portfolio manager and MoneyLetter columnist John Stephenson says that despite persistent worries over valuation, there is no historical or economic reason to fear a market sell-off anytime soon. For that   Read More

2 metals and mining stocks to buy

Here are two Canadian metals and mining stocks that we rate ‘buy’. One is a recovery play based on the entrepreneurial skills of its 37.5-per-cent owner and its current price   Read More

Market timing: know when to fold ’em

Our ‘buy-low-sell-high’ approach to getting higher-than-average long-term returns has nothing to do with being brilliant when the stock market goes UP. It’s all about not losing when the market goes   Read More

2 blue chip retail stocks for growth and income

Consumer goods stocks Canadian Tire and Loblaw Companies both face similar difficulties with highly competitive market places and expected increases in minimum wages. But growing sales and continuing improvements in   Read More

Canadian snowbirds working for the Yankee dollar

‘Save your Confederate money, boys. The south will rise again.’ You may recall the lyrics about ‘Confederate’ dollars. They never did rise again. But the Yankee dollar? That’s another story.   Read More

2 stocks with downward price momentum

Since early June, two of Canada’s premier seafood processing companies have suffered from downward stock price momentum. High Liner Foods suffered through an expensive product recall. Clearwater Seafoods may have   Read More

2 metals and mining stocks to buy

Here are two Canadian metals and mining stocks that we rate ‘buy’. One is a recovery play based on the entrepreneurial skills of its 37.5-per-cent owner and its current price   Read More

Looking beyond Canada’s big five banks

Canada’s big five banks dominate the investing public’s attention when it comes to choosing financial stocks. But the next tier often offers interesting investing opportunities based on regional factors that   Read More

25 stocks for speculators right now

Stock market speculators should continue to work in Canadian oil and gas stocks and precious metals stocks. Gold, silver, oil and natural gas are all in long-term up trends right   Read More

2 Canadian banks to buy for growth and income

Canada’s two largest bank stocks, Royal and T-D, continue to rack up impressive earnings-per-share (eps) growth. Both of these blue chip financial stocks are rated buy for growth and income.
Royal   Read More