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Writing in The MoneyLetter between the first round and final run-off French elections, portfolio manager John Stephenson admires the strong economic recovery underway in Europe. He picks two financial stocks   Read More

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A dividend aristocrat with big capital gains

Toronto-based global manufacturing stock CCL Industries plans to split its common shares five-for-one. This is a plus for individual investors. 100 shares now cost about $30,000. After the split, that   Read More

2 utility stocks to buy for growth and income

Here are two regulated utility stocks, both primarily electric power distributors, and both blue chip Canadian dividend stocks, that are buys for both share price growth and dividends.
Companies that raise   Read More

Short term pain for long term gain

Keith Richards, a regular columnist in The MoneyLetter, says short term trading indicators are signalling a market pullback. Long term the bigger picture is largely bullish. He suggests a good   Read More

3 stocks to benefit from growing isolationism

Regular MoneyLetter columnist John Stephenson says the outlook for many emerging markets in 2017 is up, not sideways. India is headed for its third straight year as the fastest-growing major   Read More

Stock market risk is higher for 2017

Behavioural finance analyst Ken Norquay makes the case that stock market risk is higher than normal as 2017 begins and advises investors to hold lower-than-normal amounts of stocks and bonds   Read More

5 higher risk stocks for 2017

In 2017, you should focus on high-quality stocks. After all, markets remain volatile. But if you can accept more risk, consider buying stocks we rate ‘Higher Risk’ and ‘Speculative.’ Their   Read More