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Your multi-generation cottage and taxes

Your cottage is a special place for the family. Mark Halpern of explains the financial implications of dealing with a cottage for future generations.
Many Canadians who own a family   Read More

COVID-19 and small business owners

CPA Mark Goodfield (aka The Blunt Bean Counter), says COVID-19 made many owners aware of the impact a ‘black swan’ event can have on the value of their businesses.

Not to   Read More

Like grandma and grandpa used to play

Old tax returns aren’t as much fun as mountain music but they provided an eye-opening experience for Toronto-based accountant Mark Goodfield, a.k.a. The Blunt Bean Counter.

When I was a young   Read More

Investing like grandma

Shredding some old tax returns was an eye-opening experience for Toronto-based accountant Mark Goodfield, a.k.a. The Blunt Bean Counter.

When I was a young accountant and happened upon an estate return,   Read More

Q4 tax planning tips

Toronto-based tax lawyer Samantha Prasad LL.B. suggests ways that both employees and business owners can ensure their 2019 taxes are kept to a minimum.

The end of the year is in   Read More

RESPs: Free dollars for scholars

Registered Education Savings Plans were first introduced in 1974. The program encourages Canadians to save more towards the post-secondary education of their children.
By Mark Halpern, CFP, TEP

It’s that time of   Read More

5 principles of winning investing

Fresh off the glow of Toronto Raptors’ championship run, Mark Goodfield (aka The Blunt Bean Counter) finds five lessons for wannabe winning investors.
The Raptors are the toast of the town   Read More

Keeping your cash liquid and free from tax

Why can’t you have your cake and eat it too? Tax lawyer Samantha Prasad offers suggestions for conservative, cash-conscious investors to minimize the tax-man’s slice.
For those conservative investors out there,   Read More

Wayfair, you’ve got just what I need

Wayfair’s ‘ear worm’ struck a chord with tax collectors across the USA who expect e-commerce vendors to collect and remit state sales taxes. Do you sell into the USA by   Read More

Amending your income tax return

Tax lawyer Samantha Prasad says: Be firm in your facts and courteous in your deportment. Both go a long way in resolving disputes with the Canada Revenue Agency.

Let me assume   Read More

How to transfer a capital loss to your spouse

Accountant Mark Goodfield, aka The Blunt Bean Counter,

Many couples trade independently and even if they trade together, one spouse may have realized capital gains while the other spouse has unrealized   Read More

New rules for tax on passive income

You receive passive income through ventures that require little daily effort on your part and business activities in which you do not materially participate during the year. Mark Halpern, CFP,   Read More

Reporting capital gains and capital losses

Accountant, income tax and wealth management adviser Mark Goodfield (aka The Blunt Bean Counter) walks us through the process of planning for and using capital losses to offset capital gains   Read More

New tax reporting requirements for trusts

Trusts are a great family estate-planning vehicle. However, in 2018, the federal government announced new measures that relate to the tax-reporting requirements for trusts. Tax lawyer and regular TaxLetter columnist   Read More

You sold your business. Now what?

You have gone through a major change—you’ve sold the business that took up a huge part of your life. Just as you made careful decisions while building, growing and then   Read More