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Tax on split income (TOSI) rules

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Tax efficiency is a great investment strategy

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Charitable giving and tax savings

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Tax planning your will

The TaxLetter contributing editor Samantha Prasad, LL.B, offers a number of ideas to help you minimize the tax impact on your will so you can leave as much of your   Read More

The duties of being an estate executor

At some point you may have been asked if you’re agreeable to being named an executor of an estate. You may have forgotten all about it until a long-lost cousin   Read More

Tax rule changes make for ‘Cruel Summer’

“It’s a cruel, (cruel), cruel summer/Leaving me here on my own/It’s a cruel, (it’s a cruel), cruel summer/Now you’re gone”. British pop artists Bananarama weren’t singing about Canadians’ 2017 proposed   Read More

Financial planning for common law couples

According to, 67 per cent of Canadian weddings occur between June and September. They offer no statistics for common-law or non-traditional unions but financial, trust and estate planner Mark   Read More

11 ways to reduce your next tax bill

There are many reasons to liquidate your investments. But before seeking the safety of cash and low-risk income investments, you must consider the potential tax implications. Toronto-based Minden Gross tax   Read More

Estate planning is an ongoing process

Columnist Mark Halpern recently gave readers of The TaxLetter seven defensive strategies to consider in the ongoing process of estate planning. But he also urged readers whose wills and estate   Read More

12 eligible investments for a self-directed RRSP

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20 Canadian tax filing tips for 2017

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