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In fact since 1941.

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Conservative investments:
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25 winners and losers: The conservative investing retirement stocks that can deliver a comfortable lifestyle now and in the future

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Dear fellow investor,

If you’re reading this, it’s probably because you’re worried about your retirement stocks. You know during the worst economic free-fall of your lifetime, your retirement investment could disappear tomorrow like so much smoke.

  • Are you completely confident that you have safe, high quality stocks that can ride out the uncertainty?
  • Do you sleep well at night knowing your retirement stocks will still be there for you in retirement?
  • Can you say, without any doubt, that your retirement investment will be there for you when you actually retire?

Wanted: A conservative portfolio of retirement stocks

If you answered “no” to even one of those questions, I urge you to consider our FREE Special Report, Conservative Investments: Portfolio-Building Stock Outlook for the next 180 Days, from my company’s conservative investing newsletter, The Investment Reporter. That’s right, conservative investing: It’s what we do, what we’ve always done, and what has worked better than almost any other stock advice on retirement stocks in the past 73 years — since 1941.

At The Investment Reporter, our renowned Investment Planning Committee sits down four times a year. They study global stocks, and predict, with remarkable success, 25 stocks to beat the market, and 25 market laggards, for the next six months. Then we make our predictions available — first to our subscribers, of course, but more on that later — and then to the public in this free quarterly report, Conservative Investments: Portfolio-Building Stock Outlook for the next 180 Days.

Get-rich-quick stock picking has never beaten the market. But our conservative investing philosophy is perfect for anyone wanting a stable, conservative portfolio, whether it’s for retirement investment or simply extra income right now.

Building a solid retirement investment portfolio is one of the most important things you can do for yourself and your entire family.

The right retirement stocks will help you…

  • Live comfortably — or better! — both now and in retirement
  • Fund a college education for your children and grandchildren
  • Give generously to causes you support
  • Count on regular vacations for relaxation and rejuvenation
  • Enjoy a stress-free life no matter what happens to the world economy

I certainly advise you to download Conservative Investments: Portfolio-Building Stock Outlook for the next 180 Days right now so you can start building your own solid, conservative portfolio of retirement stocks today. As I said, our analysts firmly believe that conservative investing is smart investing. Want proof? Consider this:

The Wall Street Journal’s Hulbert Financial Digest, which has been anonymously tracking the performance of investment advisory newsletters like ours since 1980. Now here are the facts as reported by Hulbert.

FACT: Over a period of 20 years, from 1993 to 2013, The Investment Reporter’s stock recommendations enjoyed a compound annualized return of 13.4%. That’s a fact!

Compare that, as we did, with the 20-tear compound annualized average return for all Canadian stock mutual fund: just 6.8%

The Investment Reporter’s very profitable, very specific advice was the runaway winner!

Fact: Of all the Canadian equity mutual funds successful enough to stay in business over the past 20 years, the very best couldn’t match The Investment Reporter.

The numbers tell the story. The best equity fund in Canada had a 20-year compound annualized return of 11.6%, a very respectable figure, but still short of The Investment Reporter’s 13.4%.

FACT:  The 13.4% rung up by The Investment Reporter over 20 years topped the Toronto Stock Exchange and the Dow. It wasn’t even close. The Toronto Stock Exchange’s 20-year compound annualized return was 8.1%.

And the Dow? It returned just 7.4%.

And to repeat, we have no idea how Hulbert follows us – whatever address they use to subscribe, it’s anonymous!

So are you ready to move forward with a sound retirement investing strategy? You absolutely can’t afford to ignore this FREE offer of our Special Report if you want a solid, conservative portfolio.

The ultimate conservative investments strategy

Conservative Investments: Portfolio-Building Stock Outlook for the next 180 Days is absolutely FREE and it’s the first step to achieving your dreams. Consider these market-beaters for the most recent edition of Conservative Investments:

  • Railroads: If you’ve always believed rail to be a dying breed, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find that the Canadian National Railway and the Canadian Pacific Railway are high quality stocks.
  • Oil: Think you can’t afford to invest in this heavyweight? TransCanada Corp. doesn’t drill, it builds pipelines. Add this company and its many projects to your retirement stocks.
  • Medical devices: Medtronic will continue having a very, very good year — the perfect retirement investment.

But remember, our editors may find something that turns losers into potential retirement stocks before the next quarterly issue of Conservative Investments!

Which, of course, is why you may want to read that issue, too. And wouldn’t you like to read it a month before it becomes available to the general public? Consider subscribing to its parent newsletter, The Investment Reporter, because our subscribers get every quarterly issue of Conservative Investments: Portfolio-Building Stock Outlook for the next 180 Days a month before everyone else! Find out more here!

High quality stocks = long-term wealth

Of course there’s no such thing as no-risk investments. But The Investment Reporter and its conservative investing advice is close, using a demanding analytical process for our 25 high quality stocks and 25 losers which uniquely includes both technical and fundamental analysis, so that a conclusion is backed by two different methods of interpreting data. Finally, we apply our process to the market as a whole and to the economy to make tweaks to our individual conservative investing stock analyses.

Of course, it’s one thing to read a single FREE Special Report about the next six months. You’ll want to read the next issue of Conservative Investments, too — because in this economy, our high quality stocks can turn into losers in no time, and vice versa. But remember, if you’re not a subscriber to The Investment Reporter, you’ll always be a month late… and perhaps many dollars short in your retirement investment! So I urge you to consider building a portfolio of truly stable conservative investments and high quality stocks by reading our weekly newsletter.

A conservative portfolio: Perfect for retirement stocks

After all, we’ve been serving Canadian investors since 1941. Our success since then is based on hard work and sticking to sound conservative investing fundamentals — the high quality stocks from which we never, ever waver.

In the meantime, you owe it to yourself and your loved ones to take that first, easy — and FREE — step towards a sound retirement investment. There’s absolutely no obligation, and you can start building a golden, conservative portfolio of high quality stocks immediately. As the current issue notes, “Despite the weakness of the global economy, stock markets have risen.” In fact, the report notes, utilities are currently very high quality stocks, though our analysts are pessimistic for resource stocks. So now is the perfect time to read Conservative Investments and familiarize yourself with our conservative investing philosophy!

Please download Conservative Investments: Portfolio-Building Stock Outlook for the next 180 Days right now. You have absolutely nothing to lose, and a safe, profitable conservative portfolio to gain.

Best regards,

PS: Remember, this Special Report, Conservative Investments: Portfolio-Building Stock Outlook for the next 180 Days is absolutely FREE, and the all subsequent issues will continue to be free, with no strings attached.

PPS: You can get the next quarterly issue of Conservative Investments: Portfolio-Building Stock Outlook for the next 180 Days for FREE a full month before the general public if you’re a subscriber to The Investment Reporter!

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