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Shock Proof your Portfolio – This exclusive report reveals which 5 mutual funds will reward you with safe, steady profits – no matter what the economy is doing. Shock Proof Your Portfolio With Canada’s Most Successful Mutual Funds

Dear Investor,

We all worry about the negative impact an unexpected market downturn can have on our investments.

Years of investment capital wiped out in a few short days because of baffling economic conditions that are completely beyond your control.

Let’s not beat around the bush. Your financial security is at stake.

But what if you could shock-proof your portfolio against such unexpected downturns? What if your portfolio was comprised of a select group of investments that generate steady profits in both good times and bad?

We would like to send you a special report that will help you do that

The report is entitled “Shock-Proof Your Portfolio with Canada’s Most Successful Mutual Funds.” It comes from a panel of Canada’s most successful fund experts.

And it picks 5 specific mutual funds to make your investments shock proof.

It is written in a simple easy-to-read manner and clearly identifies for you those few Canadian funds that reward investors, year after year, with reliable profits.

Let me tell you why this report can play a vital part in helping you secure your financial future.

The simple secret of success

The 5 mutual funds covered in our special report have already prospered through good markets and bad.

The managers of these funds assembled portfolios that were built for safety — yet still yielded greater profits than many funds that claim to be built for spectacular growth.

Let me cite just one example from our special report:

The manager of one of Canada’s most productive funds builds his portfolio with large cap stocks spread over all five industry sectors, but goes lightly on volatile resource stocks.

A solid, conservative approach.

But then he adds his simple secret of success. He fuels growth with fast-moving small companies. The result: powerful growth, year after year.

More than 12 per cent over the past 10 years — and 11 per cent over a full 20 years!

This long-running profit machine, the Bissett Canadian Equity Fund, is just one of a very select group of Canadian mutual funds that makes money year after year after year.

Our exclusive report gives you the full details on each of these remarkable funds.

“Shock-Proof Your Portfolio with Canada’s Most Successful Mutual Funds” In this exclusive report you learn how to protect your investments with those few Canadian funds that consistently reward investors with solid, reliable profits — no matter what the economy is doing.

These funds have already prospered through good markets and bad. Though they were built for maximum safety, they have outperformed many so-called “growth” funds.

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You’ve nothing to lose. But much to gain. Very much.