They can help you conquer the investment Everest just as they
have been helping others for more than 75 years.
In fact since 1941.

Meet George Armstrong Kudos

Dear Investor,

In the midst of the most unpredictable market in years, there is no better way to shock-proof your portfolio than with exchange-traded funds.

Our special report, “The 4 Best ETFs for Canadian Investors”, draws back the curtain on these investments and shows you how to profit–with safety.

Best of all it’s yours FREE. But more about that in a minute.

An ETF can be defined in a number of different ways, but essentially it comes down to this:

An ETF is an investment for those who want to own equities, but don’t want to take the risk of investing in the stock market without a safety net. We give you a big safety net!

Our special, easy-to-understand report, explains why ETFs are the fastest-growing investment today-and what they can do for you.

And the report, The 4 best ETFs for Canadian Investors tells you which 4 exchange-traded funds to invest in right now for long-term gains.

As well, our special report contains more. Much more!

We will explain just how exchange-traded funds differ from mutual funds. We also outline for you their advantages (and disadvantages) and clearly advise you just where these investments fit into a well-rounded portfolio.

And another thing. ETFs have a distinct advantage over mutual funds. Costs. Their fees are much lower. And they don’t require much care and feeding thanks to the mechanical and computerized nature of their portfolios. Mutual funds, on the other hand, must deal constantly with relative small amounts of money.

PLUS you get a tax benefit. This is thanks to the structure of creation and redemption units. But all this is thoroughly explained to you in our special report. And don’t forget. It is yours FREE.

PLUS you get a clearly detailed strategy on how to combine a selection of ETFs with market-beating mutual funds to ensure the best possible returns with the least risk.

AND THERE’S MORE. We explain why ETFs give you a variety of different ways to make the most of the economy and the direction it is going in–good or bad. Or put another way, these investment vehicles give you, the individual investor, a unique way to approach the market.

But, as our special FREE report clearly explains,
ETFs do have drawbacks that can trap the unwary.

This is one: The best managed mutual funds will beat the index and give you higher returns. Sometimes much higher returns.

And here is another: ETFs can slow down your portfolio. They can do so because they are passive investments and can become heavily tilted toward one sector of the economy.

There are other drawbacks. That’s why we explain in this report why it is better that you have both exchange-traded funds and mutual funds in your portfolio. But we explain why ETFs should form your portfolio’s building blocks. And we explain and show you why with clear and specific examples.

It is all there for you in our special FREE report: “The 4 best ETFs for Canadian Investors”.

Remember. This invaluable report has been prepared for you by Canada’s leading group of independent financial analysts–our Investment Planning Committee–cited by the world’s press, and who have helped investors to greater profits for many, many years.

Get your free report today! Before it is too late!

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