In the Turning Lane

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Industrials offer great leverage to an improving economy and will outperform in the months ahead

The market was recently jolted   Read More

How long can you hold?

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How long you invest for-what’s known in the jargon of the investment industry as your ‘time horizon’-is critical   Read More

WiFi in your car? Really? Really.

The Money Reporter, MPL Communications Inc., 133 Richmond St.W., Toronto, ON, M5H 3M8. 1-800-804-8846

Technology is already changing the way you are, and will be, doing your banking. Now, the latest   Read More

Three good bargain stocks

Warren Buffett remains bemused that, when people discover a hamburger on sale, this makes them happy, but when they see a stock on sale, this makes them upset. Well, right   Read More

How to diversify with ADRs

American Depositary Receipts, or ADRs, are a form of alternative investment that offer you diversification. It’s tempting to call them American Diversification Receipts. They give you access to global stocks and industries   Read More

The Midas touch

Editor John Kaiser ranks Midas Gold Corp. (MAX-TSX, $0.95) “among the top advanced gold juniors in the current environment.” That environment, by the way, is one in which no one   Read More

Buy AltaGas

Calling it a “wonderful illustration of an invest-to-grow story in process,” chief investment strategist David Dittman is more than a little pleased with second quarter numbers from AltaGas Ltd. (ALA-TSX,   Read More

LightPath Technologies

Optical component manufacturer LightPath Technologies Inc. (NASDAQ-LPTH) has its eye on the prize of three growing markets: glass aspheres (i.e., laser tools and gun sights), specialty optics (such as scientific   Read More

U.S. Housing

The latest data on U.S. housing starts and retail sales have caused doubts among some observers about the strength of the American economic recovery. In June, housing starts declined 9.9   Read More

Pason Systems

The shares of Pason Systems (TSX-PSI) have risen by 2.3 per cent since April of this year. That’s likely because it’s overpriced. We now downgrade Pason to a hold.

Pason trades   Read More