The Top 40: Canada’s Best Mutual Funds

The Mutual Fund Planning Guide goes out each month to subscribers of the Canadian Mutual Fund Adviser. It forms the basis of our approach to investing in mutual funds: build a portfolio based on your needs and your investment temperament, using a selection of the best funds available for Canadian investments. Below you’ll find our current thinking on where to put new money. It’s based on our assessment of current financial-market conditions. We include our recommended strategy to adopt under these conditions.


In the Sept. 24, 2013 issue of the Canadian Mutual Fund Adviser we’ve chosen our ‘Top 40′ funds from among Canada’s more than 5,000 available mutual funds, based on the quality of their portfolios / funds that we see as your best choices for long-term investment. Canada has hundreds of funds, and more go into business all the time. Their quality varies widely.


Unfortunately, low investment quality may only become apparent when a fund collapses in a deep market setback. The funds we select for our Guide offer attractive long-term prospects, but they also give investment quality and risk the attention they deserve. In choosing from our Top 40, pay special attention to our fund categories, because they help you decide if a fund suits your objectives.


Our recommended list is not static, and will change as we find better funds or as funds change in nature. We’ll alert you to additions and deletions. From time to time, Canadian Mutual Fund Adviser will recommend buying funds not on this list. But this list includes what we believe to be the best Canadian mutual funds to buy this month.


In this post are included 14 (of 40) of these top Canadian mutual funds.


Note that results in this Guide are for the periods ended August 31.




14 of The Best Canadian Mutual Funds
























– Canadian Mutual Fund Adviser




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