Investment Reporter named to Honor Roll

Over the past 30+ years, The Hulbert Financial Digest calculates that The Investment Reporter recommendations have yielded an average annual gain of 12.88 per cent.


You would double your money approximately every 5-1/2 years if you could maintain a 12.88% average annual gain.

We are often asked about the performance record of securities featured in the Daily Buy-Sell Adviser section of our website.

The publication that garners most of those inquiries is The Investment Reporter, our weekly investment advisory service that has been continuously published since October, 1941.

And for more than 30 years, the performance of recommendations made by The Investment Reporter has been tracked by Mark Hulbert in his eponymously-named independent rating service The Hulbert Financial Digest. Over those 30+ years, Mr. Hulbert calculates The Investment Reporter recommendations have yielded an average gain of 12.88 per cent.

Only three advisories named to Honor Roll

In Hulbert’s most-recently released ratings, The Investment Reporter is one of only three investment advisory services to have been named to The Hulbert 2020-2021 Investment Newsletter Honor Roll. “The investment newsletters on the Hulbert 2020-21 Investment Newsletter Honor Roll are those that have produced above-average performance in both above and down markets,” Mr. Hulbert emphasizes.

“Though this Honor Roll is not the only way of slicing and dicing our performance data, I do urge you to give it serious consideration. Newsletters that have been on past years’ Honor Rolls have, on average, proceeded to outperform other services that did not make the grade.“But I would urge you to pay close attention to the Honor Roll even if the newsletters on it didn’t end up outperforming those that do not. That’s because the “slow-and-steady” Honor Roll newsletters are least likely to be ones that you stop following at inopportune times.

“That’s important, since the key to long-term success is actually following a strategy through thick and thin. It doesn’t do you any good to follow an adviser with a good rating if you dump him when the markets move against you,” Mr. Hulbert says.

Do you really want the risk?

“What if you crave more risk and find a ‘slow-and-steady’ approach hopelessly boring? Forgive me for saying so, but I don’t believe you. If you’re like most investors, you will jettison your risky adviser when his strategy becomes out of sync with the market—which inevitably happens, sooner or later. And if you prematurely stop following him, you will not realize the long-term gains his approach hopefully can produce. You will, however, suffer 100% of the losses his risky strategy produced up to the point you couldn’t take it any longer.”

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