Large diamonds are Lucara’s best friends

Lucara Diamond is a diamond mining company in southern Africa, notable for its delivery of a significant proportion of the world’s exceptional stones.


Karowe is known for its large, high-quality white diamonds and significant coloured (blue and pink) stones too.

Following the recent discovery of a 123-carat top-white stone and a 375-carat gem quality stone, Vancouver-headquartered mining stock Lucara Diamond Corp. (TSX—LUC) has once again demonstrated to analysts “the endowment of high-value stones within the world-class Karowe diamond mine in Botswana,” say Haywood Securities analysts Geordie Mark and Alvin Islam who maintain a ‘buy’ recommendation and $2.10 per-share target price.

Recent coloured-stone discoveries include a 9.74-carat gem-quality blue stone, and a 4.3-carat gem quality pink stone. Despite Karowe being recognized for its production of large, high-quality white stones, the recovery of significant coloured stones has been witnessed in the past too. This includes the 9.46-carat Aven Blue stone, which sold for US$4.5 million in 2012, and more recently a 2.24-carat blue stone for US$777,000.

Valuable large stones make for high margins

The analysts comment: “Our belief is Karowe is a world-class asset that facilitates the delivery of high-operating margins (due to the value of the precious stones it discovers) that foster the dissemination of a high yield. It is well positioned to leverage off any positive movements in diamond prices.

“We note that the Karowe diamond mine commonly has been a very high-margin (58 per cent operating margin in second-quarter 2019) operation due to its notable delivery of a significant proportion of the world’s exceptional stones.

“We have modified our third-quarter revenue per carat pricing assumption from US$500 per carat to US$450 per carat (with second-quarter realized pricing of US$417 per carat), to better align with prevailing market conditions. Our revised third-quarter forecasts outline for revenues of US$44.7 million, and earnings per share of US$0.02.”

Lucara holds a 100 per cent interest in the Karowe mine located in Botswana and a 75 per cent interest in the Mothae diamond project located in the Kingdom of Lesotho.

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