High priced, high growth stocks

Three growth stocks we regularly review on The Back Page are ATS Automation Tooling Systems $14.22 (TSX: ATA), GLV Inc. $3.97 (TSX: GLV.A) and WSP Global $35.15 (TSX: WSP), formerly Genivar. They trade at high price-to-earnings ratios of 25.9 times, 26.5 times and 19.9 times, respectively. Then again, their expected earnings for 2015 are growing quickly too. ATS’s earnings are expected to jump by over 38 per cent, to 76 cents a share. GLV’s earnings are expected to soar by over 73 per cent, to 26 cents a share. And WSP’s earnings are expected to climb by 15.8 per cent, to $2.05 a share. We rate ATS and GLV ‘Higher Risk’ and they pay no dividends. We rate WSP ‘Average’ and it pays a dividend of $1.50 a share. All three remain buys, depending upon your circumstances and what you need.


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