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A new report from Canada’s top investment experts uncovers some of the most undervalued stocks in Canada – buried treasures about to explode with profits.

Dear investor,

There’s one bit of investment advice that you’re probably sick of hearing lately.

“Buy quality stocks now while their prices are down.” Now don’t get me wrong.

This is very sound advice. But it is missing one very crucial piece of information.

Exactly which “good quality stocks” should you be buying?

There are plenty of stocks on the TSX that could easily qualify as “good quality stocks.”

Are they all due to rise when the economy starts to pick up? Or are there certain Canadian stocks that have been unduly battered by market forces and will rise exponentially when the market recovers?

Stella Jones, for one, should continue to profit. As a leading North American manufacturer of pressure treated wood products, specializing in railway ties and utility poles, they provide basic elements of the economy’s physical infrastructure.

There are a handful of other strong Canadian stocks that promise spectacular profits in the all-important months ahead.

My name is John Windsor.

I would like to send you ABSOLUTELY FREE a special report on 6 Canadian stocks that you can buy today for spectacular profits in the months ahead.

This remarkable report is called “6 Canadian stocks you must buy NOW!” and it was put together by some of the brightest investment minds in Canada.

These experts have a long history of uncovering profits in places that many others haven’t even looked yet.

This new report tells you exactly which stocks will reward you with big gains.

There is no guesswork. We tell you exactly which stocks you must buy right now for incredible profits.

“6 Canadian stocks you must buy NOW!” is not available to the general public. But I am authorized to send you a copy FREE when you try a no-risk online subscription to Investor’s Digest of Canada.

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I’ll tell you more about these additional bonuses a little further on in this letter.

But first let me tell you about how Investor’s Digest of Canada is helping Canadian investors just like you to earn amazing profits.



“The World’s Best Investment


What makes a successful investment advisory?

Consistent, profit-making information you can rely on and advice you can act on right away.

Page after page of just such specific advice won the day at the international SIPA Foundation when they chose Investor’s Digest of Canada as the “World’s Best Investment Advisory.”

Investor’s Digest took first prize in competition with a high-powered field of entries from around the globe that were in the running for SIPA’s coveted annual Journalism Awards for Editorial Excellence.

This is the fifth time the Digest has won
this prestigious award.

That’s right … five times!

And on the odd occasion Investor’s Digest has not come in first, it has been cited many times over the years for honorable mention.

Pleasing as it is, this prestigious international award is just due recognition for what thousands of Canadian investors already know …

“You can’t be a serious Canadian investor and not follow Investor’s Digest of Canada.”

“Don’t buy any stock without consulting the Digest first!”

Investor’s Digest of Canada has become “must reading” for serious, profit-minded investors across the country.

The reason is quite simple: The Digest tells you which stocks the hottest analysts at leading investment firms are telling their top-dollar clients to buy and what they must sell.

Every issue is packed with specific “buy-sell-hold” advice on stocks from our team of “Investment All-Stars.” But the Digest covers a great deal more as well.

Don’t be left “outside” while others profit!

You get advice that helps you improve every corner of your investment portfolio.

Canada’s foremost experts help you build your RRSP, select the most profitable mutual funds and uncover the most valuable income investments.

PLUS … Investor’s Digest is the only publication authorized to publish exclusive research from the top brokerages in Canada.

Each report that we receive is digested into clear, everyday English. Editors chop away the impenetrable investment jargon.

You get all red meat and no fat.

Whether you want conservative blue chip stocks for reliable, safe gains or advice on small caps that can double overnight, you’ll find it all in Investor’s Digest.

You are always informed and always up to date.

Don’t be left on the outside while others profit. When you try Investor’s Digest, you can get in on the action that is helping other Canadian investors realize double … and even
triple-digit gains.

Just look some of the remarkable opportunities the Digest has brought to our readers attention.

One recent recommendation skyrocketed over 700 per cent!

Awhile back, readers of Investor’s Digest were alerted to a unique opportunity. A firm based in Montreal was starting to get in on infrastructure projects in emerging markets.

But this was no engineering or construction firm. Garda World Security was bringing an array of planning, protection and other security services to government and private clients.

In just under a year, the stock rose 705 per cent!

This was no isolated scoop. Undervalued stocks like this come up regularly in the pages of Investor’s Digest.

So do hidden resource gems.

As oil prices started to work their way back up, Investor’s Digest readers got the inside story on a Canadian firm with three properties in the North Sea, Ithaca Energy. It was on the verge of seeing its share price soar 496 per cent in just under a year.

Before the market — and Canadian commodities — had begun to recover, Investor’s Digest readers were getting insights they couldn’t find anywhere else.

Well before the price of gold reached record heights, several little-known firms that were in line to benefit were highlighted in Investor’s Digest. One of them was Rainy River Resources. Over the next year, it soared by an astonishing 472 per cent.

As early as January 2009, Investor’s Digest also told readers to keep an eye on Avion Gold, which had two big projects coming into production in West Africa. By the end of the year, the stock had risen by 407 per cent!

All spectacular calls, I’m sure you’ll agree. Yet they were just the start of the high-scoring recommendations that appeared in Investor’s Digest of Canada … all within a few months.

The “World’s Best Investment Advisory”

This remarkable performance has not gone unnoticed.

Investor’s Digest of Canada has been named “The World’s Best Investment Advisory” by the leading independent international publishers’ foundation —— not once, not twice, but five times.

This is no small achievement.

Each time, the Digest was pitted against the finest investment newsletters from around the globe, many of them household names. To have won five times is very gratifying to the people who put the publication together, of course.

But what makes these awards really meaningful is that they are based on pure performance. The Digest does not depend on flash and hype — but on solid, reliable information and advice presented to you in a straightforward, no-nonsense format.

That’s what’s most gratifying to our subscribers: that these awards were earned solely by means of solid, profit-making advice.

Five FREE reports –– and a very special extra bonus

When you accept a no-risk trial to Investor’s Digest of Canada, you are in for some exceptional extra benefits. You get 5 special bonus reports — ABSOLUTELY FREE.

First, of course, you get our new special report on “6 Canadian stocks you must buy NOW!” You learn exactly which stocks you must invest in today to reap spectacular gains when the economy recovers from the current economic slump and starts to power into overdrive.

The Investment Planning Committee
Serving Canadian investors since 1941! 


Canadian investors have been profiting from the advice of the Investment Planning Committee for over 70 years. The faces on the Committee have changed over that time, but their unbroken record of success has not.

The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, The Globe & Mail and the National Post are among the giants of the business media who have extolled their stock-picking record. That record is nothing less than remarkable: their recommendations have outperformed every equity mutual fund in Canada and the Toronto Stock Exchange over 20 years! That performance is based on figures released by the leading independent advisory measurement service, The Hulbert Financial Digest, a division of Market Watch, owned by Dow Jones.

The Investment Planning Committee have put together a special report entitled “Portfolio for the 21st Century.” This remarkable portfolio is specifically designed to return strong investment profits for many years to come. “Portfolio for the 21st Century” is YOURS FREE when you accept a no-risk trial to Investor’s Digest of Canada.


PLUS you get “Portfolio for the 21st Century,” a diversified portfolio of stocks selected by the renowned Investment Planning Committee. (See the box above for more about this remarkable group of stock-picking experts.) The 10 stocks in this detailed report were carefully chosen to allow you — the Canadian investor — to sleep soundly knowing your investments are safe and secure.

PLUS you get our exclusive report on “Sizzling Small Cap Stocks.” Small cap stocks may not be the place for your retirement savings but they do hold the promise of mouth-watering profits. We’ve asked several of Canada top advisors to pick the small cap stocks that they think are destined to be real “shining stars” on the market in the next year.

YOU ALSO GET … “All-Star Opportunities.” In this special report, the hottest analysts in Canada reveal their hottest stock picks. These are the “All-Stars,” the people who have the ability to move markets. They share with you their best selections of stocks from every sector of the Canadian economy. Don’t miss this special report.

PLUS we’ll tell you, in depth, which Canadian stocks will prosper in the years ahead and why in “Here Comes Outrageous Good Fortune.” Like the other four reports listed above, this exclusive report is also YOURS FREE as our thank you for taking a look at the award-winning Investor’s Digest.

You get all of this — and much more — when you accept a risk-free introductory trial web subscription to Investor’s Digest of Canada.

Buy-sell recommendations from Canada’s top analysts

Let me summarize what you get when you agree to try the twice monthly Investor’s Digest of Canada:

You get our valuable new report — “6 Canadian stocks you must buy NOW” — ABSOLUTELY FREE! I will email you access to it as soon as we receive your order.

You also get 4 ADDITIONAL FREE REPORTS that are full of revealing forecasts to guide you through the volatile days ahead.

BEST OF ALL you get our “Good-as-Gold” Money-Back Guarantee. If you are not satisfied with Investor’s Digest, we’ll refund 100% of your money on all unserved issues. The six bonuses are yours to keep no matter what you decide.

PLUS every issue of the Digest brings you specific “buy-sell-hold” advice from the best and brightest investment analysts in Canada. Before you buy any stock, bond or commodity, you must check with the Digest’s experts to make sure you build a portfolio of growing profits.

PLUS … there’s even more!

You learn about new issues and undervalued equities. Stocks, large or small, that are undervalued by others offer exciting profit potential. Investor’s Digest frequently uncovers these undervalued, gem-like plays.

You get digests of leading investment advisory newsletters from across Canada and around the world. Many of these newsletters charge hundreds of dollars for their services. You get their advice for mere pennies in every issue of Investor’s Digest.

You get complete coverage of stocks that offer Dividend Re-Investment Plans. You don’t often hear about DRIPs because they’re virtually fee-free, but we give you the information about every DRIP in Canada and the U.S. and how you can get started.

You get our special “Income Trust Insider” section, with information, analysis and updates. You get this in every second issue of Investor’s Digest of Canada. It’s like getting two valuable publications for the price of one! In addition, we provide yo with “best buy” picks from seasoned investing pros in every issue.


You get access to all of this online, in an easy-to-read format. You get Investor’s Digest, published bi-weekly, for a full six months. And it’s all indexed. Everything is at your fingertips.

It’s a virtual encyclopedia of “buy-sell-hold” advice on hundreds of Canadian stocks, bonds, precious metals and more.

You’ve nothing to lose but much to gain!

Join the investors who already benefit from the award-winning advice of Investor’s Digest of Canada.

Try Investor’s Digest today. Take full advantage of the coming opportunities for profit.

“6 Canadian stocks you must buy NOW!” and the other five bonuses will be yours as soon as we receive your order.

And don’t forget you are fully protected by our “Good-as-Gold” Money-Back Guarantee.

This guarantee states that if you are not satisfied with Investor’s Digest of Canada, we will refund 100% of your money on unserved issues whenever you ask. The special bonuses are yours to keep!

You’ve nothing to lose but much to gain by giving Investor’s Digest a try.


John Windsor

John Windsor
for Investor’s Digest of Canada

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