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Free The 10 Best Canadian Dividend Stocks for a High-Growth Portfolio

Canada’s top investment experts have just issued a special report with specific advice on how you can achieve steady income and spectacular capital gains.

Dear investor,

I have an investment question for you that I’m sure no one has ever asked you before.

Would you like to own a goose that lays a golden egg every month, or would you prefer a goose that just lays plain eggs?

I think the answer is fairly obvious. Yet many Canadian investors are told by their advisors to pick the goose that lays the plain eggs.

My name is John Deman.

Now I can’t show you where to find a flock of golden egg layers. But I can tell you about a new report that takes you step by step through the process of building a portfolio that gives you both steady monthly income — those goldens eggs I talked about — and spectacular capital gains.

Best of all … I can tell you how you can get this special report ABSOLUTELY FREE.

But before I get to that, a word of warning. Every day, investors are being told that mature dividend-paying stocks are past their prime. That paying out all those dividends drains off the cash and stunts their growth.

And they are told they would be better off with safe interest-bearing investments.

Don’t you fall for that load of baloney.

The best dividend stocks are the most powerful growth stocks you can have in your portfolio year after year.

Our experts at the Money Reporter have done the math.

Their calculations clearly show that a typical portfolio of supposedly safe interest-bearing securities takes six long decades to double your income!

The Money Reporter’s remarkable new report, entitled “The 10 Best Canadian Dividend Stocks for a High-Growth Portfolio” will show you a much quicker way to grow your money.

You’ll discover how to use these stocks to reward yourself with a steady stream of high, monthly income in addition to the spectacular profits you will reap with this elite group of stocks.

High income and growing capital gains

Our experts have examined every one of Canada’s dividend paying stocks. Our special new report reveals:

Why the most powerful growth stocks you can own are those that raise their dividends each year.

Why these stocks beat interest-bearing investments for secure total returns — and tax treatment.

And we also identify the 10 “dividend aristocrats” that will give you the best possible combination of high income and growing capital gains.

PLUS AS WELL you discover how to rotate these dividend paying stocks in order to reward yourself with high income every month!

In these times of unpredictable markets, you should not be without the truly exceptional advice you will receive in this very special report.

“Good-as-Gold” Money-Back Guarantee

I would like you to have a copy of our special report, “The 10 Best Canadian Dividend Stocks for a High-Growth Portfolio,” ABSOLUTELY FREE OF CHARGE.

When you accept a no-risk trial e-subscription to the Money Reporter today, I will personally send you a FREE copy of this very timely report.

And it all comes to you with no risk whatsoever. You are fully protected by our unique “Good-as-Gold” Money-Back Guarantee. If you decide the Money Reporter is not for you, simply cancel your subscription and everything you’ve received from us, including the special report, is yours to keep. PLUS I’ll also refund all your money on the unpaid portion of your subscription.

Maximum returns with maximum safety

At the Money Reporter, we know we can help you get maximum returns with maximum safety for your hard-earned investment dollars. Published 24 times a year, the Money Reporter shows you how to guard your money, keep it growing — and puts you on the road to greater wealth. All with maximum safety.

The emphasis is always on YOU — we show you very specifically, in plain, simple English, how you can adapt key information to your individual needs and circumstances.

This remarkable publication has been providing advice for income-seeking investors for many years and continues to be of great service to Canadians who are serious about making profits, both in good times and bad.

Here’s what you get when you agree to try the Money Reporter:

Every two weeks the Money Reporter updates you on unique “inside” ways to get top gains — with the greatest safety — on investments that have high,safe income, a tax-savings feature, or both.

IN ISSUE AFTER ISSUE, the Money Reporter advises you about often-ignored areas like preferred shares, debentures, bonds, DRIPs, the best Canadian stocks for conservative investors and much more. The Money Reporter uncovers risk-free investments in areas bankers and brokers never tell you about.

PLUS YOU’LL LEARN which bonds (corporate or government) have the highest rate of return. The Money Reporter’s specific buy-sell bond recommendations come with a unique professional bond safety rating. You know exactly what your risk is. Professionals use this rating system every day. Now you can profit from it.

PLUS AS WELL, the Money Reporter tells you of ways to protect your money from taxes — not by hiding it — but by making it active and creating new wealth for you.

PLUS WITH the Money Reporter you always know where to get maximum rates on short-term deposits, GICs, T-bills, chequing and savings accounts and you always know where you’ll find the highest interest rates no matter where you live in Canada.

AND AS WELL, the Money Reporter brings you the most successful strategies for planning your retirement, building up your RRSP and converting to a RRIF.

PLUS HERE’S AN EXTRA BENEFIT: Money Reporter subscribers get the Money Reporter’s privileged e-mail hotline service (a $75.00 value) — including specific “buy” recommendations on the best investments for Canadian income investors.

YOU ALWAYS KNOW YOUR OPTIONS because our experts at the Money Reporter always weigh the prospects for sound investment. They explain overall trends and specifically recommend the best buys in stocks, bonds, REITs and other securities.

PLUS THERE’S EVEN MORE … your subscription to the Money Reporter brings you our FREE “Fact Sheet” service. Each “Fact Sheet” gives you the specific advice and detailed figures you need to accumulate wealth in key areas of investment. You should not miss this valuable information and advice.

With the twice monthly Money Reporter and the detailed monthly “Fact Sheets,” you’re really getting two valuable publications for the price of one!

A golden opportunity

That’s just a taste of what you get when you agree to try the Money Reporter. With the Money Reporter, you always know where you stand and what your options are because in every issue they are clearly spelled out.

You will see for yourself just how well it will work for you when you accept our special risk-free offer.

You get to try the Money Reporter at a special introductory rate that is far less than the regular rate others must pay. And I will immediately send you a copy of our report, “The 10 Best Canadian Dividend Stocks for a High-Growth Portfolio” — FREE.

Don’t forget that you are protected by our “Good-as-Gold” Money-Back Guarantee. You may cancel at any time and we will refund 100% of your money on the unused portion of your subscription. Everything you receive is yours to keep. You have no risk!

Order today and see just how you can profit from the strongest Canadian income-yielding investments in the critical year ahead — while many others miss out on this golden opportunity.

Sincerely yours,
John Deman
Assistant to the President

P.S. Don’t pass up this amazing opportunity for profits. Order today and get an early start on the crucial year ahead with our FREE special report. Remember, you have absolutely no risk. You are fully protected by our “Good-as-Gold” Money-Back Guarantee.

Please act now. Don’t delay.

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