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Dear Taxpayer:

Although the tax rules seem to change on an almost weekly basis, one thing is certain:

Taxes will seriously erode your net income over the next 24 months … unless you act now.

Fact is, Canada still has one of the highest tax rates in the world. And unless you take steps now, the erosion of your after-tax income will be swift and inevitable.

You need to find ways to protect your hard-earned money. And The TaxLetter can help you do just that. It’s Canada’s most authoritative publication devoted to legal tax reduction — and it gives you a guaranteed way to increase your after-tax income with absolutely no risk to you.

You could well have a knowledgeable professional advising you on tax matters already. But The TaxLetter offers you and your tax-preparer a tool that will make both of you even more effective in keeping your money out of the clutches of the Canada Revenue Agency.

You see, it simply isn’t possible for one person to know all there is to know about tax-reducing strategies — especially with the tax system in the state of flux that it is in right now. New regulations, new interpretations and new rulings are constantly affecting your tax picture.

For example, in recent issues of The TaxLetter we covered:

Four must-do tax strategies for the new year.

How to save up to $50,000 in business tax with one simple move.

Five do-it-yourself tax strategies Ottawa forgot to shut down.

How to turn losses on stocks that crashed into profits.

A remarkable strategy that lets you slash your capital gains taxes — or eliminate them altogether — by setting up a special account.

How to make your mortgage interest tax-deductible.

Nine tax-cutting tips hiding in plain sight — right on your own tax return.

These are just a few examples of the kind of information that may be missing from your tax planning — information that includes up-to-the-minute tax guidance, detailed tax-cutting strategies and tax-favoured investments — all explained in clear, easy-to-understand language.

You won’t find these techniques in the Income Tax Act or the T1 Tax Guide. But they re perfectly legal and use government rules and regulations to the maximum effect — to cut your taxes to the bone.

That’s the kind of help you need to fight the Canada Revenue Agency. And it’s the kind of help that’s available only in the pages of The TaxLetter.

Now you can tap into the expertise of
Canada’s top tax advisers

The TaxLetter is a monthly web-newsletter put together by a team of leading tax experts, including Samantha Prasad, L.L.B., a tax lawyer and recognized expert on tax-saving strategies and several special guest contributors.

These experts have served as tax advisers to some of Canada s largest corporations and wealthiest investors. Through them, The TaxLetter draws on a wide network of tax professionals in order to offer you the best in-depth expertise on specific areas of tax saving.

The TaxLetter‘s sources of expert knowledge are drawn from many different firms. And that’s why the tax-cutting strategies contained in The TaxLetter cannot be found anywhere else. No single lawyer or accountant can offer the range of expertise The TaxLetter contains.

What does this mean for you? It means that every article in The TaxLetter has been carefully researched by specialists who know their fields of tax inside out. It means that you (and even your tax-preparer) get the very best counsel on exactly what to do and how to do it.

Each month we notify you via email that the new issue of The TaxLetter is available online, ensuring you always get timely advice. That’s especially important while the government and the Canada Revenue Agency continue to tinker with our tax system to find ways to keep more of your money in their hands.

Without The TaxLetter you could be paying thousands of dollars a year in unnecessary taxes

• Did you know that if you get a refund from the Canada Revenue Agency every year, you could be taking a big financial hit? Yet, amazingly, there’s a way to keep this money in your pocket — perfectly legal and incredibly simple. In effect, you get your refund a whole year early. Just one of the many little-known tax-saving strategies that The TaxLetter recently uncovered.

• Another major tax-cutting issue is the way you re using your RRSP. You could be using it to give yourself a mortgage, make all interest deductible, and free up funds for investment purposes — all at the same time. The whole maneuver was explained in a past issue of The TaxLetter.

• Besides RRSPs there are other, less well-known tax shelters that are just as effective. For example, another issue of The TaxLetter explained how to use Registered Education Savings Plans (RESPs) to save tax dollars.

• Then there’s the last great tax shelter. No — you don t need to be a high roller. And you can do it in the privacy of your own home. It’s a sideline business — and The TaxLetter showed you how in a recent issue.

• And if you run your own business (one of the best positions to be in with regard to taxable income), The TaxLetter will show you how to make the most of your fortunate situation.

Published exclusively for Canadians who are serious about reducing their taxes

The TaxLetter isn’t for everyone. To really benefit from it, ideally you are an investor, business person or professional who is looking for ways to maximize after-tax returns. You may have a tax adviser, or you may be one, but you realize that several tax minds are better than one for coming up with creative tax solutions.

So if you consider yourself among the select group of Canadians who are serious about tax reduction and will settle for nothing but the best and most comprehensive input, then The TaxLetter is for you.

Written in clear, concise and comprehensible language

The TaxLetter explains the constantly changing tax rules and shows you step-by-step how to deal with them. There is no incomprehensible jargon. You get clear-cut explanations of the actions you can take to protect yourself.

And when there’s a grey area, The TaxLetter tells you — often citing the latest tax bulletin or court decision that might have a bearing on the issue. And while The TaxLetter excels in clarity, it never oversimplifies. That’s because the tax expertise you’ll find in The TaxLetter is of the very highest caliber.

The TaxLetter‘s contributors are particularly talented at translating technical language into clear, readable prose. Every month, they report on new developments in the tax world. Drawing on their wide network of professional contacts in Canada and abroad, The TaxLetter‘s experts offer tax-slashing strategies for professionals, small business people, executives, salaried employees — anyone who wants to save on taxes.

Save now on the already modest subscription fee

But the best thing about The TaxLetter is that it gives you all this high-powered tax expertise for a fraction of the price you d ordinarily pay to get the same advice directly from the contributors themselves.

You’d expect to pay $200 or even $300 an hour for a top-flight tax adviser. Yet, you can get a six month web subscription to The TaxLetter for only $37 — TRY IT NOW.

That’s right. For just $37 you can have the counsel of Canada’s top tax advisers. And that moderate sum could result in thousands of dollars of increased after-tax income for you.

Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back

In fact, if you aren’t convinced The TaxLetter can help you slash your taxes by introducing you to strategies you might otherwise not have known about — simply let me know and I’ll send you a refund for all unserved issues.

So what I’m offering you is a guaranteed way to increase your after-tax income. Because if the first two issues of The TaxLetter don’t convince you, it doesn’t cost you anything.

I ‘m ready to make this offer because I know that chances are you’ll find at least one tax-cutting strategy that you and your own tax adviser would have overlooked. As I said earlier, no single adviser can possibly compete with the range of advice you get in The TaxLetter.

A FREE Special Report — if you act now!

In addition, if you take advantage of my offer right now, I’ll send you a free special report entitled 11 Proven Strategies for Tax-Saving Investments. This report could easily pay for your subscription all by itself. And it’s yours without any cost whatsoever, just for trying the monthly TaxLetter.

So if you re serious about increasing your after-tax income, here’s a risk-free way to do it. Put The TaxLetter to the test for yourself. You could be thousands of dollars richer next year. And, there is absolutely no way you can lose even a dime.


Pat Young
Pat Young
Assistant to the President

P.S. Our guarantee is unconditional. If you aren’t convinced The TaxLetter will significantly increase your after-tax income, simply let me know and I’ll send you a refund for all unserved issues.

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