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Best stocks to buy now

PI Financial’s Guy Lapierre opts for well-established, cash-paying Canadian stocks, especially as our economy benefits from high commodity demand and prices.
Despite US Federal Reserve and Bank of Canada speeches in   Read More

3 commercial REITs to buy

Here are three real estate investment trusts to buy—a renewable power producer, a leading retail REIT and an urban commercial property developer.
Perfectly positioned but priced high
Raymond James Financial analyst Frederic   Read More

2 renewable energy stocks to buy

With the impact of fossil fuel extraction and use on climate change, renewable energy sources are becoming more attractive, says Enriched Investing’s Margaret Samuel.
There are a number of sectors in   Read More

5 clean energy stocks to buy

Investors should focus on financially strong, clean energy companies, those that produce solar, hydro, wind and geothermal energy and that have essentially ‘decarbonized’.

Coal and other fossil fuels are not coming   Read More

4 power-generation stocks to buy

Here are four utilities stocks producing power mostly from renewable sources. They are all ‘buys’ for long-term capital gains and attractive, growing dividend income.
Edmonton-based Capital Power Corporation (TSX—CPX) describes itself   Read More

2 global income trusts to buy

Here are two limited partnership income trusts that are ‘buys’ for both growth and income. They are both part of the Brookfield Asset Management corporation, a global asset manager with   Read More

This green energy income trust yields 6.4%

Lower water levels and unfavorable international currency exchange rates hurt top Canadian income trust Brookfield Renewable Energy’s 2015 financial results.   However, that failed to dampen the partnership’s management’s outlook and   Read More

A quality energy infrastructure buy

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Veresen is the former Fort Chicago Energy Partners L.P., and is principally invested in the energy   Read More